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Your education or dual study programme with us.

A team that lives through true cohesionCan-do attitude with an eye for solutions. A fair and dependable employer, where your opinion is heard. We want to give you the best possible start to your career and support you with our expertise, a familial corporate culture and modern technical equipment. You are motivated to learn, to develop and to actively tackle? – Then you’ve come to the right place.

During your training, you will have the opportunity to get to know us, to demonstrate your abilities and to discover your strengths in various projects and events.

Do you see solutions at every turn? We do! Find out here the areas you can start in and the benefits in store through your training or dual study programme with us.


What we offer you.

Being taken on
Your education or … Your education or dual study programme is just the beginning of your career with us. This is because the training we provide is designed above all to prepare you for our company with the aim of keeping you on after completing.
Expanding your horizons
Get to know other countries … Get to know other countries, people and cultures with a stint at one of our European overseas companies or during a semester abroad as part of your dual study programme!
Corporate culture
Be confident that you … Be confident that you can always rely on us. You are part of a valued team right from the start. We work closely together, openly and on an equal footing and share our expert knowledge.
Health management
We care about the health … We care about the health of our employees. At our site in Kupferzell, we are able to offer active breaks, sports courses or participation in health days.
Education and dual study
Business training
Commercial training
IT training
Marketing training
Dual Study Programmes
Education and dual study
Business training
Trainees in conversation
Business education

Training in a commercial capacity requires organisational and communication skills. After all, not only do you interact with your colleagues on a personal level, you are also in regular touch with our customers by phone or email. We’ll teach you how to keep your composure even when there’s lots to do.

During your training, you will gain insight into many areas of the company.  This will allow you to test yourself and identify where your strengths lie. After your training with us, you’ll be able to start your career in various areas.

Learn what roles await you in the various training paths – see what life might be like as an apprentice with us!

Agent for wholesale and external trade management

Your colleague from Sales calls you to order a product from one of our international suppliers. You send out the order right away. Meanwhile a payment is taken, which you post in the system. You track our customers’ orders in the warehouse and gladly keep them informed.
In the 2.5 to 3 years of your training as an agent for wholesale and external trade management, you will learn to systematically develop appropriate solutions. The fundamental theory is taught at vocational college. With a secondary school certificate, in addition to your training as an agent in wholesale and external trade, you may also acquire an advanced technical college certificate as an additional qualification at the Commercial School of Künzelsau in three years. If you already have an advanced technical college certificate or high school diploma, you can acquire an additional International Business Management qualification from us. In addition to English, you will be taught a second foreign language at the Commercial School of Künzelsau and will graduate after 2.5 years as an “assistant for international business management with foreign languages”.

Agent in e-commerce

You provide active support to colleagues in the analysis of online marketing campaigns. In addition, you will independently research potential new media as part of our multi-channel sales. You communicate and document your project processes and results in a goal-oriented manner. You initiate service contracts with companies, customers and agencies, among others and deal with customer concerns. During your training, you will also learn all of the legal regulations surrounding competition law and data protection. Your affinity for the Internet and technical understanding are put to good use in your three-year training to become an agent in e-commerce. At vocational school in Heilbronn, you are taught theoretical and in particular business fundamentals. The training requires an intermediate school leaving certificate.

Commercial training
Logistics trainee
Commercial training

Training in the commercial sector means getting stuck in with a thirst for action. This is where go-getters looking for more than an office job show their talents. Goods receipt, storage, shipping– you make sure that packages reach our customers with exactly what they ordered.

During your training, you will gain insight into various storage methods and will learn about our external warehouse and our branches. This will allow you to test yourself and identify where your strengths lie. After your training with us, you’ll be able to start your career in various logistics areas.

See what day-to-day life might be like with us and learn what roles await you after your training!

Warehouse specialist

A customer order has been received. You prepare the order quickly and systematically. Within the logistics team, you check incoming goods, pick and coordinate customer orders and get packages on their way to customers. This also involves driving forklifts. You know our logistics infrastructure like the back of your hand – including external warehousing. You start the two-year training course with basic school qualifications. You will learn the theory at the Commercial School of Künzelsau.

Warehouse logistics specialist

You can extend your training as a warehouse specialist by another year to become a specialist in warehouse logistics. This training will give you additional insight into goods ordering and logistics management. In addition, you will be taught legal fundamentals, such as concerning dangerous goods, dutiable goods and chemical products. The three-year training programme requires a good basic school qualification. Theory lessons take place at the Commercial School of Künzelsau.

IT training
IT Trainee
IT training

Enthusiasm for software and hardware systems is just as essential as a propensity for tinkering when it comes to training in IT. In our IT team, knowledge is built, expanded on and shared together. With precision and patience, you get to the bottom of any system fault and identify the right solution. You like to get creative and don’t mind rolling up your sleeves to install PC hardware.

During your training, you will be briefly introduced to our other areas, such as purchasing, sales and accounting. This will allow you to test yourself and identify where your strengths lie and to start your career in various IT areas after your training.

Before you decide on a training programme, you will be able to get to know possible areas of responsibility and see what day-to-day life might be like with us.

IT specialist in systems integration

A new software system that you and your IT colleagues recently installed is showing an error. You are able to systematically isolate and fix the issue. As a contact person for issues concerning our computer and technical equipment, you will advise your colleagues and identify specific information and communication solutions. You will start your three-year training programme with an intermediate school leaving certificate. For the theory units, you will attend the Commercial School of Schwäbisch Hall.

IT agent

Your colleagues in purchasing are looking for an IT solution, and you are happy to advise them. You regularly talk to staff from other areas too about the application systems they use and require. By systematically analysing problems, you identify tailored solutions. You are always mindful of issues around data protection, IT security and licensing as well as support and maintenance contracts. Your training will last three years, you will be taught the theory at the Andreas Schneider School in Heilbronn. An intermediate school leaving certificate is required.

Marketing training
Marketing training
Media designer – digital and print

Your ideas for image galleries and corresponding videos for our website are creative and imaginative. Your colleagues are enthusiastic about your concepts and are happy to assist you in implementing them. Following our corporate design, you create layouts for various campaigns for print and online publication – from flyers and brochures to digital newsletters and social media. Colleagues from other areas also appreciate your creative skills and knowledge of new information technologies. During your three-year training programme, you will be taught the basics of typography and layout and editing programs such as Adobe Creative Cloud. With an intermediate school leaving certificate, you are suitably qualified. Theory lessons take place at the Johann-Jakob-Wildmann School in Heilbronn.

Dual Study Programmes
Dual students conversation
Dual Study Programmes

A dual study programme allows you to directly and effectively combine theoretical and practical knowledge. A dual study programme requires a general or subject-specific higher education entrance qualification or equivalent qualification such as an advanced technical college certificate with access assessment. Based on three-month rotation, you will study at one of our partner universities and will get hands-on experience with us at the company.

Practical experience and theory are thus ideally intertwined. You will learn about our different business areas and experience a true sense of belonging. From day one, you will be part of a valued team. Our aim is to continue working with you after you complete your training.

You can learn about the roles that await you in your practical phases here.

Business Administration, Trade (B.A.)

You are fascinated by the challenges of a networked economy. In various areas such as sales, purchasing, customer management and logistics, you will learn how our business processes are adapted to the current requirements of our market environment. We identify the right solutions together by building, expanding and sharing knowledge. Together with us, you determine the focus of your studies. You can choose from specialised subjects such as marketing and controlling, logistics or international trade. Your dual study programme at DHBW Mosbach lasts three years.

Business Administration, Product Management and Logistics (B.A.)

We are an international direct sales company with complex procurement and logistics chains. Your planning and implementation activities are an important task for your team. You identify solutions to the challenges of technological development and the increasing demands of our customers. You will have the opportunity to work in various areas, such as purchasing, procurement, logistics, finance and accounting as well as marketing and sales. During your theoretical phases at DHBW Mosbach, you will focus on product management and logistics as well as modern business management. Your studies will last three years.

Business Administration, Service Management, Consulting and Sales (B.A.)

Finding the best solutions for our customers also means offering the best service. Displaying sales and organisational skills, you identify the services that appeal to our customers. You work with your colleagues on our business processes and identifypotential for improvement. During the theoretical phases of your studies at DHBW Heilbronn, you will discover the entire range of services offered by service management. Specific content includes for example consumer and behavioural science andservice controlling. General business administration also forms part of your studies. Your dual course of study will last three years.

Business Administration, Service Management, Human Resources (B.A.)

You see the individual employee behind the term “personnel”, the valued work staff do and their development potential. Personnel development is just as important a topic to you and our team as HR management and recruiting. You communicate our corporate culture, highlight our strengths as an employer and inspire new employees for us. In addition to core elements of general business administration, modern human resources and training work as well as exciting insights into psychology andlabour law form part of your studies. Your dual study programme at DHBW Heilbronn lasts three years.

Online media (B.A.)

Are websites and social media your line of work? In our e-business team, you develop and design complex online and media products using various programs. You support the transformation of our business processes into the digital world – a varied and creative endeavour. The user experience of our customers is always at the forefront of your mind. During your theoretical phases at DHBW Mosbach, programming is your main focus. After three years of study, you will be able to create web applications from conception and development to implementation using various programming languages.

Digital Business Management (B.A.)

You know that business and value creation processes are becoming more flexible through digitisation. As part of managing this change, you work with your colleagues on innovative solutions to further integrate our customers and business partners into our processes. At our modern workplaces, you are involved in the development of new processes and services. Dealing with Business Analytics and Big Data is part of your daily work. Matters are always discussed in an open and friendly manner. Your opinion and your ideas are very important to us. During your studies at DHBW Stuttgart, you will be taught fundamental IT knowledge and the diverse business requirements. Your dual course of study will last three years.

Information systems, application development (B.Sc.)

C++, HTML, system analysis, SQL and source code are your tools. Serving as a direct link betweenbusiness and IT, you are the interface between IT and specialist departments. When integrating information systems and programming for inventory management applications, you identify solutions and take responsibility. With various project management techniques, you ensure smooth running and continuous optimisation of IT processes. In addition, you will get to know our other business areas, such as purchasing, logistics and sales. The theoretical phases take place at DHBW Mosbach. Your dual course of study will last three years.


Your application process

Do you want to apply for a training programme or a dual study programme with us? That’s great! The steps involved in our application process are presented below:

Job portal – Selecting the appropriate training programme

Seen an interesting training programme? Please note: As long as an ad is online, applications for the training programme are welcome. We look forward to receiving your application! You should apply for the training programme that interests you about 1 year before it is due to begin.

Online application – Submitting your documents

Applying is quick, easy and secure. It takes two minutes – just click the application button on the position advertisement. Did you receive an email confirmation of receipt? This means we have received your application.

Interview – Getting to know one another

The selection procedure starts in June for training beginning the following year. During the selection procedure, you will be invited to interview. Your personal interview will be conducted by phone or video for ease and simplicity.

Open day – insights into your future training

To allow you to get an idea of your day-to-day life with us, we will invite you to join us and get stuck in for half a day or several days. This will also be an opportunity to get to know your future colleagues!

Decision-making – acceptance or rejection

About 1 to 2 weeks after the open day, we will get back to you accepting or rejecting your application. We then welcome a response from you within a further week or so.

Logistics trainee Logistics trainee Logistics trainee Logistics trainee

Relationships amongst staff are casual and honest. I often receive positive feedback that motivates and pleases me.

Perikli Sarantoudis, Warehouse Specialist Apprentice (joined 2019)
Trainees at the whiteboard Trainees at the whiteboard Trainees at the whiteboard Trainees at the whiteboard

Due to the many events held when training first started, as trainees we quickly got to know each other and joining was easier.

Alexandra Schulz, Apprentice Agent for Wholesale and External Trade Management (joined 2019)

Frequently asked questions

When should I apply for a training or dual study programme?

We welcome your application about a year before training is due to begin. We start the selection process in June/July for the following year.

What documents do I need to include in my application?

Your application should include a cover letter, your CV and your three most recent references. That’s everything.

What does the application process involve?

All of the steps in our application process are detailed on our Training and Dual Study page.

How can I prepare for the interview?

We’d like to get to know you! What are you all about? What are you proud of? These are possible questions for the interview. We’re interested to know how you became aware of the profession and why you would like to complete the training or dual study programme. We’d also like to know what appeals to you about RECA and why you want to start your career with us.

How long does the trial placement last?

As a rule, your placement at the company will be for half a day.

Will travel costs for the trial placement be reimbursed?

Yes, we will refund your travel costs for the trial placement at a rate of 30 cents per kilometre or on presentation of a 2nd class train ticket.

Will I be paid for the trial placement?

No, the trial placement is a unpaid open day.

Is it possible to apply for several positions at the same time?

Yes. Please indicate the positions you want to apply for on the application form or in your application documents.

Already submitted your application? Then simply inform your contact person that other positions are also of interest to you. Contact details can be found in the job offer.

Is it possible to modify my application documents later?

Yes, you can amend your application documents later by contacting your designated contact person. Contact details can be found in the job advertisement.

What happens to my data?

Your data will of course be treated confidentially. You can find our Privacy Policy here.

Are speculative applications welcomed?

Yes. You are welcome to send us a speculative application. Your documents will be reviewed and possibly included in our talent pool. We will get back to you as soon as a role becomes available in your desired area.

Who can I contact if I find errors on the online application form page?

Please send an email to Franziska Münch:

What happens after I submit my application?

As soon as you have sent us your application, you will receive a confirmation of receipt by email. Our recruiters look at each application individually. You will receive a personal response with the status of your application as soon as possible. We will contact you as soon as there is any news about your application.

Are there any other ways to apply besides the online application?

We ask that you apply online. It is the simplest, fastest and most secure way. It also offers numerous advantages. You can check at a glance whether you have correctly submitted all of the documents. Your application will be sent directly to the responsible recruiter without your data being viewed by unauthorised persons. In addition, our online application form is designed to be intuitive, meaning you only need two minutes to complete it.

If you are unable to submit an online application, applying by post is of course also possible.

Are online job advertisements up-to-date?

Yes, all advertised positions on our job portal are up-to-date. An advert will not be removed from the homepage until the position has been filled.


Any questions?

Have further questions on training or dual study? Looking for more information about the company and your career opportunities with us? Our training manager Katharina Krafft is looking forward to your message or call.

Katharina Krafft
Training management
Telephone: +49 7944 61-133

Please note:

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