Service strategy

Service strategy

C-Parts are our job

Having the right parts in the right place and required quantity at the right time. Individually - as required in each situation, in each case. This is what your RECA service team offers to you. They are your partner to support you in your efforts to optimize your work flows. This way, you can put all your energy into your core business that is your top priority.

Service strategy

Service team and interface

They excel at what they do - quickly, professionally and perfectly tuned to each other. What we know from the pit lanes in motor sports is what your RECA service team does for you when it comes to C-parts management.

Sales force, internal sales and system support advisors - this team are masters of their jobs and will bring you successfully through any race. This way, your demands will be perfectly matched by our C-parts management means and technologies. So the only thing you have to do is drive the race.

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