BU Industry

BU Industry

Smart solutions for C-parts management

RECA takes over your entire C-parts management:
From product procurement to incoming goods inspections and quality assurance, from storage to delivery, rack and warehouse management, from the creation of BOM-based assortments to assembly kits or pre-assembled components, or from re-ordering to support for data entry and inventory maintenance in your ERP system.

Be it about ongoing process steps in your company or the assembly right at your customer's: we make sure everything you need is available at any time and in the right quantity.Flexible and individual: we offer what your company needs and provide it as demanded by your company.

For your RECA partner is always there for you. They know your company, your work processes, the C parts you need and your requirements inside out.
Talk to us - many things are possible and our product range is huge. We deliver as you request: Together with you, we develop your individualC-parts management

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