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RECA NORM - a direct selling company

RECA NORM is a direct selling company with 76,000 customers in the trades and industry in Germany and belongs to the internationally operating RECA Group.

Our endeavor to become the most customer-friendly direct selling company

Our close customer contact thanks to more than 700 sales representatives in the field helps to gather the knowledge needed for permanent product development and innovation. Here, we do not only focus on selling but aim at offering our customers solutions to their problems. You need advice all around assembly, production, repair or optimized warehousing? We have the answer for you.

Our range comprises of problem solvers in the areas of connection technology, tools, auxiliary and care products for professionals from the fields of construction, metal processing and company maintenance shops, as well from industry.

Our products include DIN and standard parts, connecting technology, anchors, chemical products, hand tools, diamond technology, cutting discs, hammer and twist drills, jigsaw and saber saw blades and many other products necessary for professional applications.

RECA NORM does not only stand for products of the highest quality.

The RECA brand also stands for solutions that help to streamline processes, as well as for reliable deliveries and sophisticated services that all aim at the same thing: to inspire our customers. The focus industries construction, metal processing and installation trade contribute their share, as do the market segmentation ranging from the "traditional" attendance by a sales rep over telesales to catering to the needs of high-potential and industry customers, and intensive activities in the area of electronic media.

Our focus is also reflected in our motto:

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